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 Regarding the State of Spirecraft

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PostSubject: Regarding the State of Spirecraft   September 22nd 2015, 6:17 pm

     As of late, there has been a lot of talk about the state of Spirecraft; the lack of players, the lack of staff, lack of communication, and the Rank Reset. 
     First things first, we should address the lack of players. The decrease in players has nothing at all to do with staff, so it would be wise to not bully up on us. This has become a trend and has happened multiple times in the past when there has been little activity on the server. The lack of players is entirely on you guys, it is your choice to play on the server, come and go as you please. If we want more players, we need to reestablish our trusted user base. 
     Second, the lack of staff on the server is out of our control, we all have commitments that need to be filled. Most all of us are in school, some of us work, and some have extracurricular activities. We are all trying to balance these out while still maintaining the server as well as a separate social life. Furthermore, in game moderator applications have been open for two months now. 
     Third, just because we aren't on the server does not me that we aren't accessible. We all have a skypes, phones, and some of us are on team speak. The forum as well is a great medium for communication, however it hasn't been used in awhile. If you're having an issue with the server, it does not help to wait around and do very little because there isn't any staff on.
     And finally, the Rank Reset. In Spirecraft's current condition, it is highly unlikely that the Rank Reset will be overturned. There aren't enough players on the server to warrant the return of admins and Elite Trusted seems to be out of the picture as well. 
     All of us, staff members, are quite disappointed that Spire has reached the standstill that it has, but we can't do anything unless you all take action. You all have wants and needs, but they can't be answered unless work is put in. Even if you aren't staff, you still have duties on the server. With out all of you, there wouldn't be staff and there wouldn't be Spire. Let's see how these next few months pan out until 1.9 and we'll see what we can do about ranks.

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Regarding the State of Spirecraft
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