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 Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)

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Minecraft Username : ZeldaG2016
Female Posts : 186
Join date : 2014-12-03
Age : 22
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PostSubject: Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)   December 30th 2014, 7:44 pm

Welcome to the Spirecraft forums! Here's an FAQ to help you navigate around the website.

About Spirecraft:
Spirecraft is a Minecraft server founded by jerky404 in 2011 with the goal of creating a family-friendly server for all ages to come together and play the game. Since then, Spirecraft has been through now eleven different versions, the current being Spirecraft XI. The server welcomes any and all players to join because Spirecraft is more than just a server; it's a community and it's a family.

Who is jerky404?
Jerky is the Spirecraft owner and host of the server. Despite his busy schedule, Jerky often checks in on the server to meet new members, talk to everyone, and make changes if necessary when he's available.

What happens if Minecraft updates?
If Minecraft updates, often times Spirecraft will do so as well but not at the same time. The server plugins must be ready for update before the server can do so. In the case of a major Minecraft update, such as when 1.8 came out, Spirecraft will have a map reset and go into the next version of the server (e.g. 1.7 was Spirecraft X, 1.8 was Spirecraft XI).

Help! I logged on to the server, but I can't build!
Don't worry! You're a Guest for right now. After reading the rules of the server, you must ask an Administrator to promote you to Builder. This is a system that was put in place to make sure new members read the rules and to serve as grief-protection. There will be a list of staff members posted on the forum to help you if there are no Administrators online to help you.

What are the server ranks and what do they do?
Guest: Guest means that you've just joined the server and you haven't been approved by a staff yet.
Builder: Builders have access to Survival and certain kits to help them in building.
Trusted: Trusted members are trusted by the server and staff. They have Creative, Fly, Time, and more.
Elite Trusted: Elites are members trusted enough to have access to WorldEdit. You MUST be tested first.
Moderator: Moderators are the first level of server staff. They enforce the rules and help all members.
Administrator: Administrators are the heads of the server and oversee all rules of the server.
Owner: The owner is the creator of the server.

Well, how can I get these ranks?
Sometimes you can get ranks by earning them if the server staff thinks you're good enough and experienced enough for the rank. However, others you must apply for. You can apply for ranks on the Spirecraft Facebook Group or in this board.

What happens if I get banned?
If you are permanently banned by a staff member, you are allowed to appeal your ban here.

How do I report a problem on the server?
You can talk to any online staff member or send a /mail to request for help if all staff are offline.

How do I support the server?
You can support Spirecraft by promoting us on external websites and spreading the word. Donations will also be accepted in the future when that has been developed into the website.

What if I have a question about the website?
Questions about the website can be posted on the forum or private messaged to any staff member.

What if I posted my topic in the wrong board?
You can message a staff member and let them know. They can move the topic for you.

My question was a topic and was answered. What do I do?
You can post that your question was answered so that a staff member can lock your topic and move it to the appropriate location.

Need Help?
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Minecraft Username : Sweetblade
Male Posts : 6
Join date : 2015-02-02
Age : 18
Location : Ohio

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)   February 2nd 2015, 9:54 pm

Hey guys it's Sweet and I made an account finnaly, nice job on the site Zelda! <3
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Minecraft Username : SirSpinach
Male Posts : 32
Join date : 2015-01-03
Age : 13
Location : From a Unicorn Land

PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)   February 2nd 2015, 10:08 pm

Hey Sweet welcome to the new forums!

Eat Spinach

              To Live

                Your Life
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)   

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Welcome to the New Spirecraft Forums! (FAQ)
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