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 Official Spirecraft Server Rules

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Minecraft Username : ZeldaG2016
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PostSubject: Official Spirecraft Server Rules   March 5th 2015, 9:17 pm

Spirecraft Server Rules:
3rd Edition

The following is the official rules to Spirecraft's Minecraft server. Failure to abide by the rules can get you a kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban. In some circumstances, the Spirecraft Staff reserve the right to carry a ban over to the forums if it is felt necessary. 

1. No Swearing
With a very wide range of player ages on Spirecraft, we ask that players do not swear as to keep the server family friendly.

2. No Bullying
Bullying other players isn't cool, and it really hurts people. If we catch you doing it, it's not going to be taken lightly.

3. No Racism
Be respectful to your fellow players. Again, Spirecraft is intended to be family friendly.

4. No Advertising Servers
We understand that a lot of servers want to get their names out there too, but please refrain from doing it on the server or forums.

5. No Griefing
Even though we have Lockette as a protection plugin, the point still remains that you cannot grief regardless. 

6. No Raiding
Stealing another player's stuff, especially if it's a Builder, just ruins the fun for other players. Don't do it. We can roll everything back if needed.

7. No Asking for Rank
Asking for rank can lessen your likeliness to even get promoted. Often times we ask members to apply on the forums when applications are being accepted. Sometimes members are promoted based on the decision of the staff during times when applications aren't being taken.

8. No Killing Players or Pets
Don't go into PVP without getting consent from another player. It can be considered harassment and you can get in trouble for it.

9. Respect ALL Players
Respect is a two way street. If you can't show respect for them, it'll only make it harder for you to receive respect.

10. No Disrespecting Staff
Staff are put in place to handle problems when they arise. Disrespecting them can get you in equal trouble.

11. Creative Items
Trusted Members: Do not give GM1 items to Builders. If a builder asks you and you agree, you'll get in trouble for giving the item and they will for asking.

12. No Hacks/X-Ray/Server Exploits
This should be clear enough. Don't cheat the game.

13. No Spamming
Spamming the "Up Key" isn't cool. It's just outright annoying. Keep it simple. This also falls under excessive caps.

14. Use Common Sense
This rule implies that players are asked to be respectful of others and, honestly, just use their own common sense. Don't go and start a senseless argument to get the entire server into a feud, don't kill players without consent, etc.

15. Consented PVP Only
To protect players from getting attacked, PVP is consent only. If you kill a player that's outside the barrier of property protection and they didn't agree to it, that's non-consented PVP and has consequences.

Other things to note:

1. Players do have a right to protect their own property and themselves. If you are asked to leave or you are trespassing on someone's property, and you do not comply, they do have the right to kill you. 

2. If you steal from a non-private chest, you can still get in trouble. Raiding is still a rule regardless of the plugin. If you didn't place the chest, you can't take from it without permission.

3. It is okay to use another player's farm (wheat, pumpkin, etc) so long as you replant it. Be respectful and please replant after you use it. That way, there's food available to the owner when they return and you don't steal.

4. Admins cannot give you items that are provided to them via Creative, nor can Trusted as of 5/25/2015.

Rules on Spirecraft and Spirecraft Forums are subject to be changed based on player involvement and version update. Players are held responsible upon agreement of the server's terms and conditions and can be held accountable in case of necessary consequence.

Rules were updated on 5/25/2015 in the 3rd edition.

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Minecraft Username : ZeldaG2016
Female Posts : 186
Join date : 2014-12-03
Age : 22
Location : ...

PostSubject: Re: Official Spirecraft Server Rules   May 25th 2015, 10:42 am

Rules were updated to the 3rd edition as of 5/25/2015.

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Official Spirecraft Server Rules
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