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 Okay, so what exactly is a forum game?

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PostSubject: Okay, so what exactly is a forum game?   January 9th 2015, 6:20 pm

Since a lot of ya'll have no idea what a forum game is and how flippin amazing these things are, I'll list a few and explain what they are. Once you get a general idea, you can either start a thread using one of these games, or make up your own! They're essentially like car games, but of course, for a forum. Very Happy 

Please note: Please look at recently posted topics and avoid posting duplicate threads. In an effort to keep similar posts from dominating the page, duplicates might be closed.

Now for some forum games you might want to try:

Let's Rhyme!: In this game, the creator of the thread will create a sentence. THe next poster will write a sentence that rhymes with the prior one. And so on.

Change One Letter: In this game, the creator of the thread writes a word, preferably four letters. The next poster will have to write a new word, but only changing one letter. For example, the first word might be "post" and the next user might post "pest" and then the next person would post "nest".

First Thing/Lyric that pops into your head: The creator of the thread will first post a thing/song lyric. The next poster will then post the first thing/song lyric that pops into their head. And so on.

Kill or save Bob?: The first poster explains a situation Bob is in, and then asks the next poster if they want to "kill" Bob (have a bad thing happen to him), or "save" Bob, (have a good thing happen to him). Here's an example:

First Poster: Bob gets kidnapped and abducted by an alien. Kill or save Bob?

Second Poster: Kill Bob: He gets thrown into a pit of fire breathing goldfish by the aliens. Kill or save Bob?

Third Poster: Save Bob: He uses one gold fish to cook the others then kills it. He eats the goldfish for lunch. Kill or save Bob?

I think you get the idea.

These are just a few of my favorite forum games, feel free to create your own or use one of these ideas!



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Okay, so what exactly is a forum game?
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